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5 reviews for 900 mg Tincture

  1. Laura

    I’ve never tried CBD products before these, so I was skeptical that it would work. The first time I tried it I felt a sense of calm and well-being and now I use it all the time. I put about 10 to 15 drops in my coffee every morning. I get the coffee, alert buzz without the anxious jitters and it keeps me calm. I highly recommend.

  2. Jamie

    My friend bought this for me as gift, because I suffer from anxiety. It has helped me immensely. Whenever, I feel anxiety creep up, a couple of drops will calm me down. I have also discovered after some experimentation, that smaller doses help me focus. Much better than other medications because there I feel no side effects.

  3. joan knobel (verified owner)


  4. joan knobel (verified owner)

    I have been taking CBD for a year now. Not all products are deemed the same. I love this product , for it makes me feel calm and relaxed. I even am weening myself off Ambien and using this CBD oil as sleep aid. I love the all natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend this!! Do yourself a favor and try it..!!!

  5. Brian

    Very helpful in relaxing and sleeping. Also very comfortable because it is high quality.

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